ELHSAA History

The East Liverpool High School Alumni Association was started by a group of people headed by Frank Dawson in 1986. The group formed originally to find a way to Save the Clock from the old Central High School that had been demolished. 


It was decided to found an alumni association whose purpose was five-fold: stimulate interest in school and community; restore the clock; establish all-class reunions; inspire greater heights for Pottertown and create a school Foundation Fund.

Members of the local Kiwanis Club were instrumental in melding the Save the Clock committee and the forming of the Alumni Association. In a little more than two months, the mailing lists of 17 classes were in computer—4,500 names—and 851 had paid memberships fees. At the same time, the Glass, Plastics, Pottery, and Allied Workers Union agreed to donate the land from Central School to the association for the building they dreamed to erect.

The first all-class reunion was held on the Fourth of July in 1987 with a groundbreaking for the new clock tower and alumni building. The theme was “Together Again.” About 2,500 alumni and guests attended an outdoor program at the high school on Maine Boulevard to hear favorite son, Lou Holtz, speak and to watch six outstanding alums honored. They all crowded into Potter Fieldhouse for dinner and reminiscing with old friends.

The Alumni Center was built prior to the next reunion in 1992 with donated money, and mostly donated labor. It was dedicated on the Fourth of July with a ceremony capped by fireworks. This reunion was dubbed “The Barbecue in ’92,” and featured a huge tent on Broadway stretching from Fifth to Sixth Street where more than 3,000 Potters feasted on barbecue chicken.

Lookin’ Great in ‘98 was the theme for our third reunion. The town, once again, celebrated with our alumni parade and ceremony and another huge barbecue. More distinguished alums were honored.

On the Fourth of July weekend in 2004, Goin’ for more in 2004 was launched as our fourth all-class reunion. It is estimated that more than 10,000 Potters and guests visited downtown East Liverpool during the three-day festivities. The Potterade, sock-hops, class reunions, and a host of other activities were held for returning alums.

Do it again in 2010 was the theme for our fifth all-class reunion. It was estimated that more than 6,000 attended this wonderful walk down memory lane with many activities, booths, alumni parade, bands, and fireworks.

We Will Return to the Scene was the theme of the 2016 all-class reunion.