A Message from the President

President Letterhead

Dear Fellow Alums:

Your Alumni Association is very active and growing. Our organization exists because of our donors and volunteers. This organization is surviving because of the vision of our founder, Frank “Digger” Dawson, and the many individuals in the past 20 years who have worked hard to build and maintain the ELHSAA.

We all should be proud that our Education/Scholarship Fund has topped the one million dollar mark. Alumni and non-alumni are amazed that we have a beautiful building to house our Alumni offices and memorabilia. Our building is one of the focal points of our community, and I hope that all Alumni would be proud of our organization and building.

The future of our organization is bright. We are working to increase the interest of our younger graduates, so that our future will continue. Our goals continue to be: providing scholarship opportunities, assisting individual class reunions, sponsoring the biggest and best all-class reunions and promoting our hometown.

Your support in the past has been appreciated and I hope you will continue to help us to “Keep the Spirit Burnin’, both now and in coming days!”


Tom Snow ’66