Distinguished Alumni

  • 1998

    Lt. Gen. Robert P. McCoy, ’53
    Thomas V. Chema, ’64
    James A. Reaney, ’17
    Dr. Jack Eardley, ’48
    Dr. Allen W. Hall, ’45
    Daniel A. Vallera, Ph.D., ’70
    Edwin “Ted” Fenton, Ph.D., ’39
    Bernie Allen, ’57
    Marvin H. Feldman, ’63
    Miss Florence Updegraff, 1878

  • 2004

    Capt. Thomas C. Bennett, ’72
    Col. Daniel J. Bigelow, ’53
    Vincent L. Maola Jr., ’52
    Arthur A. Schreiber, ’45
    Judith Wolf, M.D., ’80

  • 2010

    Neal S. Birnbaum, M.D.
    Marc A. Blatchford, Ph.D. ’94
    William S. Foulks, Jr. ’38
    Mark C. Jackson ’72
    Donald A. Lowe ’45
    Robert L. Nentwick ’62
    Michael A. Parkes ’68
    Cathleen Goddard Shultz, Ph.D., RN, CNE, FAAN, ’64
    Thomas D. Snow ’66

East Liverpool High School graduates continue to distinguish themselves, in college and in their careers. From music to journalism, from athletics to government, from military leadership to corporate leadership, from public service to community service. Graduates of East Liverpool High School are visible across the country and are making important contributions to public life.

The Potter Pride instilled in these graduates is shown in these Distinguished Alumni as well as all our alums. “Potter Pride” is world-wide.

In a Keramos Editorial in 1910, someone wrote a short note to the Editor, “Our High School is far behind not having an Alumni Association. Our usefulness to our High School should not end when we graduate.” The Editor in response, “We heartily agree with the article for truly we do need an Alumni Association. It would not only be a great help to the School, but it would serve to bring the Alumni in closer touch.”

We feel that we have accomplished this and will continue to work to promote “Potter Pride” through the scholarship and endowment programs.We, as graduates, need to look to the future of the Alumni Association. The Perpetuation Fund has been established to maintain the Alumni Center/Clock Tower in years to come.

We feel we have climbed to the top of the ladder but to remain there we need to keep in mind the seven stepping stones for SUCCESS: S - sincerity...U - usefulness...C - conscience...C - conviction...E - enthusiasm...S - sacrifice...S - service. These seven stepping stones lie on the footpath of real achievement.