ELHS Class of 2012

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Last Name First Name Email Address Deceased
Adkins Taylor
Alexis Thompson
Auer Regis
Bailey Joshua
Barnhouse Tyler
Beaver Megan
Behanna Justin
Beverly Brian
Bigelow Matthew
Bittinger Justin
Brophey Taylor
Burns Jacqueline
Butler Seth
Butler Cole
Caffro Michael
Carnegie Stephanie
Carter Katelyn
Carter Shauntrice
Claypool Griffin
Cleckley Saun
Clutter Brittany
Coles Lataya
Coles Tyrone
Como Yasmina
Copper Meggan
Croxall Paxton
Culp Alyssa
Davidson Whittni
Dawes Amanda
Dawson Lance
Deem Gina
Defillippo Jonathan
Degarmo Ashley
Dickey Renee
Dieringer Jade
Dorsey Jonathan
Douds Megan
Doughty Brittany
Dyke Wesley
Eikenbary Alexis
English Allison
Ford Johnathan
Fristick Michael
Gay Donnie
George Katie
Gordon Patrick
Harrison Adam
Hays Emily
Hazelet Michael
Hazelet Andrew
Hightower Jessica
Jackson Brandon
Jones Dennis
Kavanagh Merecedez
Kiger Kelly
Kyle Christian
Lacey Dannisha
Locke Cecilia
Lowe Markie
Mackey Kyle
Mason Riley
May Katey
Maylone Brian
McDowell Rebecca
Miller Jeffrey
Mohney, Jr. Thomas
Moxley Brandon
Munoz Janeen
Nalette Melanie
Neville James
Palmer Levi
Palmer Haley
Perry Andrea
Peters Jarrod
Pethtel Emily
Plunkett Derek
Possage Kaitlin
Pyles Cierra
Quimby Skylar
Quinn Brookw
Reed Steven
Reed Andrew
Renner Jenna
Riggle Kaleb
Rogers Devin
Shannon Kymberly
Smith Kylee
Smith Alexander
Snyder James
Steele Jordan
Stewart Lindsey
Stockman Mark
Stratton Brittany
Stuchell Carla
Talbott Seth
Tatgenhorst Jacob
Theiss Ian
Thompkins Mark
Thompson William
Thompson George
Toothman Timothy
Trevino Peter
Utt Katie
Wade Anthony
Wade Malcolm
Wade Kyle
Waggle Mallory
Waggle Asia
Walker Myka
Warrick Jordan
Watkins Kasey
Watkins Kelly
Welling Eric
Wells Wayne
Weyand Jonathan
Weyand Dustin
White Rachel
Wilkinson Nathan
Williams Michael
Winkleman Michaela
Woolmaker Alyson
Wright Katerina
Wymer Kelsie
Yeager Matthew