ELHS Class of 1934

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Last Name First Name Email Address Deceased
Allen Thurman M. D
Allen Kenneth H. D
Baker Ross D
Baker Kendall D
Bangor McPherson Wilma D
Bastian Joseph D
Beaver Gilda D
Bell Catherine D
Belt Dorothy
Birch Zook Dorothy D
Boley Tittle Hazel D
Brandegan Amanda
Brandon Theresa D
Brokaw G. William D
Brokaw Moore Ruth B. D
Bryson Virginia
Bulger Reed Geraldine D
Burford Allen Gladys D
Burke Charles D
Burson William D
Cain Alice
Capwell Charles F. D
Carey Jane D
Cartwright J.B. D
Casto Oscar D
Chaffee Ruth
Clapsaddle Paul
Craig Davis Ruth D
Cunningham Popp Evelyn D
Daily Edward D
Davis James D
Davis Catherine
Davis Roy D
Davison John
Deshler Paul D
Diddle Clyde W. D
Dietz Mackey Doris J.
Dimmerling Dr. Derwin
Duffy Letty
Duffy Hocking Mary
Dyer Pitts Catherine C. D
Eccleston John M. D
Farish Melvin Myrel D
Ferguson Albert
Fickle Leland Byron D
Fluno Frank D
Foreman Wayne
Franzetta Helen
Franzetta Joseph M. D
Freymark Isbell Sue
Gibbs Lyon Kathryn D
Gibson Lyon Mary Cathryn D
Graebing Helen
Hall Glenn W. D
Harker Muccia Betty D
Higgin Lee Hazel D
Hughes Robert H.
Ingles Futhey Della D
Johanning Wilkinson Mary C. D
Jones Lester D
Jones Edna D
Kampmann Wood Catheryn D
Kelly Goldenbelle D
Kelly Rev. Eugene D. D
Kovell Dolores D
Lamping Emanuel Sam D
Laughlin William M. D
Lazarus Mary Alex D
Lemire Edwina
Leon Frank D
Looman James R. D
Lovas Mary D
Ludwig Sanders Evelyn D
Maley Azzara Isabel D
Mansfield Neal Mabel D
Maylone Harold D
McBane Rev. Emerson D
McCullough William Mac
McCullough Phyllis
McDole Mackall Kathryn D
McDowell Francis Fritz D
McFarlane Aley Sarah C. D
McQuistion Hall Erla D
McWhorter Stover Dorothy Annette D
Means Marcella J. D
Mick Lena D
Miles Smith Theda D
Miller Frank D. D
Milne Eason Mildred D
Montgomery Allen D
Morgan Dawson Irene D
Morse Craven King Norma D
Nathaniel Craven Edwina D
Norris Mautz Wilma D
North Palmer Ruth D
O'Brien Rev. Joseph W.
Parkes Chaney Laura
Peterson Coie Betty
Pettler Annette
Pickering William D
Plant Pruden Jane
Price Woodrow D
Pusey Grace
Rayle Leora
Reed Swearingen Ada D
Richey Goddard Thelma D
Riley Martin Elaine
Risinger Homer D
Sanford Edward F. D
Saucer George W. D
Sayre Evans Suzanne
Sayre Jones Dorothy D
Schell Robert D
Scott Musuraca Mary
Scully Edward D
Shaw Paul
Shone Farver Eileen D
Skidmore Donald F. D
Smith John
Smith Frederick G.
Starr Merle M. D
Stephens Johnson Wilma
Stewart Robert Hall D
Tatgenhorst Dorothea
Tatgenhorst Davis June D
Tobias Hickenbottom Rosella D
Trotter Wilma
Twyford Landis Loretta D
Tychonievich Holtz Anne D
Vaughn Ethel
Walsh Charles D
Walters Dietz Dorothy D
Walters Greer Irene D
Wasson Goodwin Dorothy
Webber Bernice K. D
Webber Samuel D
Wedgewood Evelyn D
Weigle Edward D
Williams Bibbee Evelyn D
Yonz Frederick D