ELHS Class of 1924

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Last Name First Name Email Address Deceased
Arrowsmith Irene H.
Boice Shope Doris D
Boyle Robert D
Burgess Otis D
Chapman Heath Louise
Coleman Wilson Althea D
Croft Reager Grace D
Deidrick Freda D
Diddle McKeever Leona D
Dietz Roth Ethelyn D
Dimit Wilbur J. D
Faulk Hall Margaret D
Felton Mary D
Hall Majorie Ruth
Hamilton Paul T. D
Hansen Jane D. D
Harrison McHugh Claire D
Herrington Emmerling Phyllis C. D
Jones Alma D
Larkins Mabel D
Lawrence Leo D
Lawrence Harris Virginia D
Lister Mary D
Mackall Robbin Evelyn D
Manypenny McKeever Leona D
McDonald Lois R. D
McKee Hagaman Evelyn D
McKinley Margaret B. D
Miller Jeanette D
Miller Donovan Marguerite D
Myers Tammy
Ogilvie William D. D
Oliver Hamilton Mayme D
Pattison Marie D
Pepin Mary Z. D
Reese Earl D
Reinartz Denton Sara D
Richards L. Dan D
Roush Earl D
Smith William J. D
Starr Vaness Ellen D
Swarb Mildred J. D
Tock Anthony R. D
Todd Lawrence D
Werner Cunningham Sara D
White Jones Beulah D
Woessner Richard G. D