ELHS Class of 1920

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Last Name First Name Email Address Deceased
Alpern Charles D
Azdell Ina May D
Berman Silverstein Anna D
Booth William E. D
Campbell Williams Nancy D
Clements Dray Kathryn D
Ferguson Willis Ruth D
Fife Steffen Mary D
Hall Vergil D
Harries Todd Marguerite D
Hoffherr Gladys D
Holland Briceland D
Irwin Vodrey Jane D
Jones Meier Gwendolyn D
Kidder Hazel D
Lyle Rice Gladys C. D
McAndrews Kathleen D
McBane Redmond Eleanor
McCoy Green Hilda D
McKinley Ernest D
O'Hanlon Edna D
Paul Grace P. D
Randolph Donald D
Redmond Eleanor M. D
Sand Goldfarb Pauline D
Sinclair Martin Bernice D
Stossmeister Mildred D
Veigle Pauline D
Wells Margaret D
Wilson Frank D
Wise Ferguson Enid D
Witherspoon Jeanette D
Wynn Dunlap Bernice D
Yates Copestick Mildred D